In this section of the web page are video lectures and additional printed information on topics related to GRC, masculine ideology, and psychological health.

First, the gender role journey class/workshop curriculum content can be reviewed in this section. The curriculum for the gender role journey was initially created in 1983 and published in numerous publications over the years (O’Neil, 1995, 2015, O’Neil & Roberts Carroll, 1988; Kilmartin, Addis, Mahalik, O’Neil, 2013; Mahalik, Addis, Kilmartin, & O’Neil, 2013).

Publication References

O’Neil, J.M. (2015). Prevention of gender role conflict using psychoeducation: Three evaluated interventions. In J.M. O’Neil, Men’s gender role conflict: Psychological costs, consequences, and an agenda for change, pp. 313-335. Washington, D.C. APA Books.

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The initial curriculum  was created for my summer workshop, EPSY 325 “Gender Role Conflict for Helping Professionals” that was a six day, 42 hour class taught from 1983-2006 (O’Neil & Robert Carroll, 1988). In 2007, the curriculum was developed into a regular, 16 week academic class and in 2021 the course was transformed to a completely online offering.

As the course has evolved, 17 major content areas have been added to the original GRC curriculum.  The new content areas are:

  • Psychoeducation,
  • Twenty-four Considerations for EPSY 6304,
  • Gender Role Journey,
  • Psychological Violence,
  • Men’s Violence Against Women,
  • Human Vulnerability,
  • Understanding Your Emotions, Healing, & the Wounded Person Cycle,
  • Working with Emotional Pain,
  • Working With Emotional pain (audio – Convention Presentation, Forgiveness, Dealing With Loss, Marilyn Monroe’s Gender Role Journey, Frank Sinatra’s Gender Role Journey),
  • My Gender Role Journey-Part 1,
  • Positive Healthy Masculinity,
  • Metaphors For Healing,
  • Closure lecture for EPSY 6304,
  • Teaching EPSY 6304 at UCONN.

There are also links to   Teaching the Psychology of Men Web Page and Videos.

The content in these videos lectures explain how the gender role journey process can be operationalized in terms of the deeper psychological processes that are necessary for gender role growth and transformation. They are found below by clicking on each of the video lectures.

Psychoeducation Lecture

Twenty-four Proposals for Your Consideration in EPSY 6304

Multicultural Psychology of Men Lecture

Gender Role Journey Lecture

Psychological Violence Lecture

Men’s Violence Toward Women: The epidemic problem Lecture

Human Vulnerability Lecture

Understanding Your Emotions, Healing, & the Wounded Person Cycle Lecture

Working with Emotional Pain Lecture

Working With Emotional (Audio) Convention Presentation Lecture

Forgiveness Lecture

Dealing With Loss Lecture

Marilyn Monroe’s Gender Role Journey Lecture

Frank Sinatra’s Gender Role Journey Lecture

My Gender Role Journey Part 1 Lecture

Positive Healthy Masculinity Lecture

Metaphors for Healing Lecture

How I teach EPSY 6304 and the Gender Role Journey at UCONN

Closure Lecture for EPSY 6304